My creative journey started as a child when I would take Saturday morning craft class at a local craft shop. At these classes we would paint, assemble, glue all kinds of things to projects. When painting I always strove to add extra texture and details to my pieces.

When I was in my twenties I spent a lot of time in nature and picked up watercolor painting. I loved sharing this with campers as a way to observe nature. I found my method of choice was alla prima painting. I loved the flow of the paint and the ability to add texture and layer colors for interest.

I experienced a pivotal point around 2013 when I and a couple of friends participated in a Create weekend workshop. We took a class with an experimental artist working in collage. She was also teaching an alcohol ink workshop and had a color chart displayed in the classroom. I was immediately attracted to the vibrant colors and knew I had to paint with them. Since then I have focused on painting with alcohol inks, and I am proud to be a contributing member of the very first e-book Alcohol Inks: How It Is Done. My artwork can be found in a local midwest shop called Art Happy, and I will be holding an alcohol ink art exhibit in Ankeny, Iowa in the fall.

I love painting with these inks and teaching others how to play with them as well. They are the perfect medium for playing with the push and pull between loose and controlled painting. I can’t wait to see the adventures in painting these inks will take me next. Thanks for joining me on this grand adventure!

2019 Into 2020 What a change of pace!

It is an interesting time we are living in. Last year was an amazing year of developing my art process, that finished off with my first solo exhibit at the Ankeny Art Center. Along with all of life’s everyday distractions I was able to focus and produce several new paintings and even met my goal of working larger. Who knew 2020 would bring the world to an unexpected halt.

The winter months are a slower time for my studio. Lots organizing and brainstorming for future projects takes place during this time. When spring started to ramp up, it quickly came to a screeching halt with the arrival of Covid19. As a mom of two I changed gears and focused on my family, so my art took a back seat. We spent a lot of time trying out international recipes together, working on their schoolwork, and a couple of artsy projects got done along the way. I think we were all happy to welcome summer break.

I am thrilled to be finally getting back into the studio, and glad to share I have brought my exhibit pieces to the gallery here! As I look thru them a constant idea runs through my mind, and that is a sense of place. Each painting takes me, and I hope you as well, to another place. These paintings have stories to share. So as you view them see where you go and feel free to share your stories with me!

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